About Us

Hello, and thank you for visiting my page. The genesis of my skincare line was not planned. As is often in life, It was many things converging together for a greater good. I have an extensive background in skincare and cosmetic artistry. I am also essentially a naturalist and am passionate and involved with animals, our environment and staying as close to the source as possible with what mother nature has provided . I have been able to transition almost naturally and seamlessly concerning my diet, however, when I went to transition in my skincare it wasn't that simple. Having worked within this industry for as long as I did, I was able to educate myself in the science of skincare and fortunate to be able to try many different and varying products over the years. I know which ingredients are important in skincare and their capabilites. I dislike the term "anti-aging". I am pro aging, I just want to do it gracefully and holistically. So, while volunteering at Gilda's Club and helping women with cancer, I attended a medical conference regarding the importance of what we put on our skin and it's ramifications. I was shocked. I never knew about nail polish and how it's absorbed through the porous nail bed. I never knew about the potential for disease or fertility issues. As I delved deeper I decided to search for skincare that had the ingredients that I wanted for myself, without all of the toxins and chemical preservatives.  And I couldn't find anything. Nothing. So, I took everything that I knew that worked, and left out all of the unnecessary evils and I created a skincare line for myself !  And then my friends. And then their friends. And that is how Uplift Organics came to be. I am so proud of this line and I hope that you will try it and love it too. 

My Best