About Us

I love creating new things. I have worked as a makeup artist and a skin care consultant for over thirty years. I used to volunteer to a number of projects that involved working with women who have cancer or other diseases. This is where I learned about the dangers and harm imposed by the chemicals found in most beauty products. I became aware of the need for a truly authentic product that would combat the signs of aging without inflicting harm to the user. Yes, there are many natural and organic products on the market, but there are NOT many to have been clinically proven to work AND are completely natural at the same time. Many are nourishing or hydrating, but to go beyond the world of transformative results that fight the signs of aging and sun damage without the toxins was something I could not find in any of those products.

This is when I decided to contact a lab and see if it is possible to create products containing all the ingredients that I knew were effective, without having to containing all these harmful chemicals. And, it was — but, it was costly to produce. Natural ingredients, especially organic, are a lot more expensive than fillers and synthesized materials. I wanted to create something that is effective but doesn't contain any kind of toxin, so I made this serum and creme for myself. NATURALLY, it was bound to work. Friends started using it and the demand for these products just kept on growing. As information became more accessible about the growing concern of toxins found in the products that are commonly used, I was even more inspired to create the perfect alternatives. And that, is the origin of my business.

I do not promote anti-aging because I am ALL for aging! But, like most of us, I want to age as gracefully as possible without compromising my health and wellness. I have never had any surgical work done but is still told daily that my skin looks decades younger than my age. I have always taken care of it and would like other people reach the same results in a beautifully and healthy way.


EWG, Environmental Working Group (skin deep) is a great way to start learning about products and our health.