Mother Nature and we humans are strictly bound together. We will always find our ways in each other’s comfort. It is only NATURAL that everything we put into our bodies are as close to their source as possible. That is exactly what we at Uplift Organics are trying to live by. Our products are completely natural and are fully geared towards sustainability.

Just like our products, our company practices full transparency. Read through the honest testimonials of our healthy and beautiful customers.


Leora Allen, artist, survivor


I'm very impressed with Uplift Organics. My health is important, I try to eat clean and keep the additives to a minimum. I was skeptical about a natural product's ability to really make a difference but a friend was using these and swore they worked. This line has bonafide anti aging ingredients and I have seen a change since starting it. Good work uplift!



Elizabeth McConnell, professor

I've struggled with breakouts and redness for years. These products really helped me with redness and discomfort while I was using different acne products. I continue to use them for healthy maintenance and recommend them to my patients.


Rachel Keiper, physicians assistant

Hi there! I absolutely love the serum and cream! Thank you so much for recommending them and for making them!!!!
And the redness is seriously reduced.


Stephanie Allen, Franklin Tn.

Bridal glow (with a little help from Uplift Organics serum)


Angela Wood, makeup artist

This serum is a game changer, and I've tried them all. I will always use this.


D. Hendrix, executive life coach

Best serum ever!!
The Serum Concentrate is truly my favorite serum I use currently on my own skin, as well as love to sell to my clients!
The ingredients and formulation combined with the organic make-up of this serum is a force not to be reckoned with!
The vitamin C Esther will leave the skin looking like crystals with a stunning Glow lasting all day long. It’s anti-age benefits are truly the best using a combo that tightens, regenerates, and creates new cellular layers, with a feel like silk and a smell of sunshine!

Thank you Liz, for creating such a wonderful powerhouse formula that I truly cannot live without!


All the best in beauty,
Melissa Haemmerle 

Melissa Haemmerle, aesthetician owner Ravish Beauty

Uplift Organics Serum Concentrate

Rating: 5 stars
Tester: Megan Casey
Review highlight: “Super hydrating and gave my skin a serious glow.”

I tested the Serum Concentrate daily for about 45 days and will definitely reorder. The serum is creamy instead of a liquid or gel-like other serums. You won’t get the tingly feeling like you sometimes have with other serums, the result is deep hydration. In fact, I used this serum in place of a moisturizer each morning.

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People always ask me about my skin. It's simple. All Uplift Organics products.

Diana Oglesby, Nashville's Most Beautiful


I don't know what I ever did before this Uplift creme. My skin was parched and now it's never felt or looked better

Beth McCord, Vanderbilt Children's Hospital